Information Center

An important role for FPDA is to be a primary source of information relating to commercial vegetable production in Papua New Guinea. FPDA will establish a comprehensive collection of social and economic reports and research findings on a range of issues relevant to fresh fruit and vegetable production, from climate change impacts to new productions techniques. To establish and maintain this collection, FPDA will develop a network with government departments, tertiary institutions and research organisations in Papua New Guinea and overseas. The collection will be held in a range of media, and will be able to be accessed by individuals and organisations with an interest in the horticultural industry.

FPDA will also gather, collate, process and hold for dissemination data and information that will help farmers and other value chain participants develop their knowledge and understanding of commercial fresh fruit and vegetable public and marketing. FPDA will also gather, regularly update and disseminate through a variety of means market-based information which will enable value chain participants, particularly farmers, make growing, harvesting and shipping decisions based on a sound knowledge of market preferences and demand.

Another important function that FPDA will undertake is the provision of information in response to requests for assistance. To do this, FPDA plans to establish a Help Desk facility that will coordinate and ensure responses to caller enquiries. The Help Desk will also be a way of monitoring potential threats to crops, such as outbreaks of disease. Where a threat has been identified, FPDA will put in place response strategies to minimise harm to the industry.

FPDA has a small publication unit that produces technical and corporate publications like, Annual Reports, Annual Operational Plans and various review and status reports. Hard copies of publications are available at our head office and regional outlets. The electronic versions of our publications are available for free download. The electronic versions of our newsletter (Fresh Produce News) is also available for download on this page.